Stack menus

Paul Hibbert paulhibbert at
Tue May 28 23:33:14 EDT 2013

On 2013-05-28, at 6:57 PM, Peter Haworth wrote:

> Putting together a stack menu for the first time and finding a couple of
> issues.
> The menu object is a pulldown menu with its menuName set to the stack I
> want displayed.  The stack menu displays fine but a couple of.
> When the mouse rolls over one of the stack  menu options, it's background
> becomes a very dark blue color.  Looking for guidance on how to fix that
> since I've tried the obvious color settings to no avail.  Maybe some other
> property needs (un)setting?

You can set the 'Hilite' colour for the MenuBar group to whatever colour you prefer, unfortunately the default is dark blue and not the user's system highlight colour. However, if you check the 'Set as stack menubar' in the menu builder AFAIK it will then use the system highlight colour and take on the same appearance of the system menus on Win and use the system menubar on Mac.

> The other issue seems to a difference in how the message path works when I
> click on a button in the stack menu.  I have a mouseUp handler in each
> stack menu button which calls a handler I have at the card level.  In
> debug, I see the mouseUp handler executing but even though it executes the
> call to the card hanlder, the card level handler never executes.

> I've worked round it by putting the mouseUp handler at the card level,
> arguably a better solution anyway but curious about this behavior.

It seems that mouseUp handlers don't work if the menuPick message is used in a pulldown menu script, from what I can see you can have one or the other, so your workaround may be the best option.


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