[ANN] A quick update on my book

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at economy-x-talk.com
Mon May 27 08:58:01 EDT 2013

Hi guys,

It is now one month ago that I started the sale of my book "Programming 
Livecode for the Real Beginner". I was amazed by the high demand. While 
I expected to need several months to sell all copies, the book is almost 
sold out already. We have now 14 copies left and if you want one, you'll 
have to be quick.

I have set up a simple portal at 
http://livecodebeginner.economy-x-talk.com/ with a few useful links. Not 
all sections are functional yet, but the most important sections are 
available. Now that people are receiving their books and start reading, 
they might have questions. That's why I have set up a Q&A system where 
everyone can ask and answer questions. This is the only place where I 
will try to answer as many questions about my book as possible. It will 
be very useful to collect all questions in one place, both for readers 
and for me. If I ever decide to write a new edition, I'll have all your 
feedback in one location.

Evidently, we are getting many e-mails and we can't always answer 
everything. For questions such as "when do I get my book" and "does the 
price include postage", please refer to the website http://qery.us/3hd 
or read the FAQ at http://qery.us/3hc . Everyone who e-mailed to report 
to have received the book, many thanks for letting us know. It is very 
useful to know that books are arriving.

There are still a few people who have never replied to my e-mails. 
Everyone who orders the book, gets at least two e-mails. One of the 
e-mails asks to confirm your address. If you still haven't confirmed 
your address and never got an e-mail about it, you must be wondering why 
you didn't hear from me. Probably, you have a greedy spam filter in 
place or you provided an incorrect e-mail address when paying for the 
book. To those people the urgent request to contact me!

If you have any other questions, you can use the contact form on the 
Best regards,

Mark Schonewille

Economy-x-Talk Consulting and Software Engineering
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