Seeking, OS, LiveCode, photo resize, (optional crop), rename and upload to FTP app

Gerry Orkin gerry.orkin at
Mon May 27 07:20:08 EDT 2013

Assuming you mean iOS, try this. The following script should let you take a photo and upload it to an ftp server (and it'll save the image to the iPhone's photo album too). This is untested :) 

on takePhoto thePhotoName
  if the environment is "mobile" then
    iPhonePickPhoto "rear camera", 600,800
    if the result = "cancel" then 
      exit takePhoto
    end if
    put image (the number of images) into url /
    (""& thePhotoName &".jpg")   
    iphoneExportImageToAlbum image (the number of images) 
    delete image (the number of images)
  end if
end takePhoto



On 27/05/2013, at 8:37 PM, Mark Rauterkus <mark.rauterkus at> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Is it Christmas yet?
> I am seeking within LiveCode solutions to handle photos. Camera to web
> server is what I am missing.

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