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I'm not very familiar with postgresql but I'm having a hard time believing
that it can't handle UTF-8 encoding.  Typically, the character encoding is
specified when you create a database or when you create a table within a
database, and there are usually admin commands that reveal what encoding is
being used, so I'd start by checking the encoding.

SQLite supports UTF-8 encoding by default so no dounbt that's why you
didn't have any problems with it but maybe you have to specifically enable
it for postgresql.

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On Sun, May 26, 2013 at 10:30 AM, Dr. Hawkins <dochawk at> wrote:

> I can't believe that this one flummoxed me as long as it did.
> SQLite, like the honeybadger, just don't care . . .
> I got hung up on a curlyquote.
> I'll definitely have people pasting in from whatever sources, possibly the
> wrong one for the platform (ever read from mac or unix a web page written
> by someone who thinks that MS word is a standard?).
> There is no possibility of my application ever being used in an application
> other than English.
> For that matter, there is no possibility of it being used in a non-US
> country.
> postgres chokes on character 213, as an illegal utf8.
> The simple solution seems to be to filter any input based on the host OS,
> turning it into utf8.
> But what about the mac user who pastes from an ms data, or the ms who
> pastes from a webpage.
> Is there a "sane" way to turn english text into a single usable format?
> I'd be tempted to go pure 7 bit ascii, but there's enough names with extra
> characters it doesn't support to make this a non-starter.
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