How to navigate within a text field?

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I must be misunderstanding. Why wouldn't this work in the field script:

on mouseup
   get the value of the clickline
   find whole it in me
   find whole it in me
end mouseup

Craig Newman

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I have a text field with a small directory at the beginning and several
chapters. I would like the user to navigate within the text like in HTML
with text marks, clicking on a directory headline brings him to the
beginning of the selected chapter. I could use the linktext property, but I
am missing a target property as a "text mark" and a "go" to it. (without
using HTML and a browser)

Is there a better approach as putting each chapter in a separate field and
showing and hiding each field with selecting one of the linktexts in the
directory? I think there must be a more suitable way to handle this

Any hints?

Thank you



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