Continuing a script after cloning a stack

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu May 23 18:00:36 EDT 2013

Peter Haworth wrote:

> Hi Richard and Jan
> Locking messages fixed the problem.
> This is a general purpose routine so I have to deal with any preOpenxxx and
> openxxxx handlers that might be in the stack.  I think I will have to add
> code to close and re-open the stack after the renaming and setting of the
> main stack once I have unlocked messages.
> Richard - do you think I should  enter a QCC report for this then?  It does
> seem like inconsistent behavior when compared to any other time a stack is
> opened by script.


If there's some extreme reason the IDE needs to lock messages they'll 
find it and close the report, but in general any deviation between 
running in the IDE and running as a standalone should be avoided.

Such things are at best confusing, and at worst drive up the cost of 
developing with LiveCode because you have to build a standalone just to 
test (and that's only if you're lucky enough to figure out that this is 
an IDE problem and not how the engine normally behaves).

Know the engine.
Trust the engine.
Code with the engine's grain.

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