revXMLText not formatting output?

webmaster at webmaster at
Wed May 22 10:40:45 EDT 2013

Has anyone had success using revXMLText to output a formatted XML file 
from an XML Tree?  The dictionary says the last parameter should control 
this feature.

 From the dictionary:

revXMLText(treeID [,startNode] [, formatted])
formatted - Whether or not to produce xml with indenting and line 
breaks, i.e. "pretty-printed". If you don't specify a formatted value, 
the default is not to format the text, this will  result in the xml 
being output as a single block with no line breaks.

Here are the commands I am using:

open file tCurrFolderPath & "/element.xml" for write
write revXMLText(tTreeID, ,true) to file tCurrFolderPath & 
close file tCurrFolderPath & "/element.xml"

The resulting file does not have indenting and line breaks.  Should I 
be entering a different value for the formatted parameter?


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