Script Editor Find issues

Peter Haworth pete at
Tue May 21 16:43:12 EDT 2013

Wondering if anyone has a workaround for a couple of annoyances in the
Script Editor Find feature.

First one involves what happens after clicking the "More" button, then
searching across multiple tabs.  The search itself works fine. However if I
start replacing the occurrences of the search term with another string of a
different length, every time I click on a line in the search results tab,
I'm positioned in the wrong place in the current tab - gets progressively
worse as I make more changes.

The other issue is when searching then using the next/previous buttons to
find matches.  That doesn't suffer from the above problem.  But, if I do
not change one of the occurrences of the search string, then every time I
press next, even if the cursor is positioned after the string I did not
change, the highlight goes back to the string I did not change instead of
finding the next occurrence after the current position.

Any suggestions most welcome since I'm in the throes of making some major
naming changes.

lcSQL Software <>

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