postgresql bytea (blob?)

Jose Damaso rjd318 at
Mon May 20 22:11:10 EDT 2013

Hi - a legacy database at work contains a bytea field that I want to get
the information out of. It's rich text that was for whatever reason, was
stored as a blob to keep the formatting codes intact -- I'm not even sure
what that means since no one here knows much about it and there is no
documentation on the system. Does anyone know how to convert the returned
query contents of this bytea field to text (or richtext?) with livecode? It
looks like this

x7b5c727466315c616e73695c616... etc.
when my basic query is
put "SELECT c.reportnumber, c.reportblob from cases c WHERE c.ID = " &
tCaseID into tQuery


I'm a layer2 guy at work but am planning to use Livecode as my programming
gateway drug =)

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