How to clear the cache

Mike Bonner bonnmike at
Mon May 20 14:19:25 EDT 2013

If you aren't using "load" to load the urls, unloading most likely doesn't
apply. either a) your system or network is caching, or your isp is
cacheing.. either way the easiest solution is to append something to the
end of the url each time. Think someone mentioned this but might only be in
the forums.

Even doing something simple like
get url merge("[[the milliseconds]]") should force a new
fetch since it is seen as a new url. (or use /?dummyparameter=[[the

If you are using load of course, then yes.. use unload.  If you use load
with a message you can auto-unload when the message fires since the URL is
passed as a parameter to the message.

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