RevIgniter & current on-rev LiveCode server version

Keith Clarke keith.clarke at
Sat May 18 14:07:15 EDT 2013

Hi Ralf - thanks for the clarification. I think my problem is confusion over the term 'root' 

I have the choice of my document root - at '';
My account web-root at '';
My company web site at '' 
The sub-directory of that site, where I want to experiment with revIgniter - and where the file will reside - at '

So far, I've been installing revIgniter bits into into (4), to avoid any risk to the rest of my company web site, but should I be installing into (1) or (2) and leaving the in (4)?
Thanks & regards,
On 18 May 2013, at 17:10, Ralf Bitter <rabit at> wrote:

> Hi Keith,
> the bug mentioned in the user guide applies only to
> installations on Lion and Mountain Lion. It is
> fixed in LiveCode Server release: 6.0.0-rc-1 though.
> This means, revIgniter should work on without
> flaws. I would try to start with a clean root folder
> without any Apache directives in .htaccess. Then all
> you have to do (really) is to copy the files and folders
> included to server root. Check your installation using
> an URL like "".
> Best
> Ralf
> On 18.05.2013, at 11:07, Keith Clarke <keith.clarke at> wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> Can any revIgniter expert please advise whether the current version of LiveCode Server installed on is compatible with revIgniter? 
>> I've installed but getting 404 errors on the page under revIgniter and the user guide's troubleshooting section mentions a bug in some LiveCode Server versions. 
>> I don't see any LiveCode server info in CPanel and can't find any documentation on how to check the server version from a .lc file. 
>> Is there a statement similar to that used to check PHP parameters -  like 'put server version' ?
>> Best,
>> Keith.. 
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