Show/Hide Groups vs. Card Transitions on Mobile

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Fri May 17 16:05:58 EDT 2013

In my experience the main thing to watch out for if you're using visual effects to transition between cards is not to do too much processing in your preOpenCard handler (or in other handlers called from preOpenCard). This has been the main cause of slowdowns for me. Do as much of your card processing in openCard as you can.

If you're just showing and hiding groups, it's probably less intensive, but then you've got the overhead of all those controls on a single card, which may or may not be a big deal. Unfortunately, it kind of just comes down to experimentation. Try both and see which works best for you. And using MobGUI or tmControl shouldn't be too big a deal, as both just use graphic objects for the most part in order to create your buttons and so forth. I've been using tmControl for quite some time and as far as I've been able to tell it hasn't had much impact, if any at all, on visual effects.

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On May 17, 2013, at 1:44 PM, Mike Kerner <MikeKerner at> wrote:

> Before I spend all weekend playing with this, has anybody done any
> experiments on showing and hiding groups on cards instead of doing
> transitions between cards on mobile?  I'm specifically wondering about
> folks using MobGUI or tmTools, which I would imagine require more resources
> than projects that don't use those skinning tools.
> The main thing that I'm wondering about is transition speed.  Some of the
> card transitions on mobile are...pokey.
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