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If you:

set the hilite of btn "yourButton" to not the hilite of btn "yourButton"

does the icon switch from one to the other? (autoHilite set to "false")

Does the "hoverIcon" or "armedIcon" work OK?

Craig Newman

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I'm using my own icons for a grouped set of radio buttons for the first

I assumed that if I specified a hilitedicon for each of them that when I
clicked on one to select it, it would show the hilitedicon then go back to
to the standard icon when clicked again, but that doesn't happen - I just
see the standard icon all the time.

I can see the hilitedbuttonname of the group change as I click each icon so
I know the radiobehavior is working OK.

The hilitedicons are copies of the standard icons with some graphic effects

I'm getting round the issue for now with a mouseUp handler in the group's
script that loops thru the buttons in the group setting the shadow property
to either true or false depending on whether it's the hilitedbuttonname or
not but would be nice to figure out why the hilitedicon doesn't seem to
have any effect.

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