Export Snapshot on Windows

Marty Knapp martyknappster at gmail.com
Wed May 15 19:46:04 EDT 2013

I'm working on an app where I use the export snapshot on 3 different 
cards, placing these images into a temp stack, one after the other. Then 
I export a composite of the three images to file. The temp stack I place 
off-screen, then delete the stack when I'm done exporting. On Mac it 
works great. On Windows 7 (running in Parallels) I get an error on 
export that no image is selected. If I locate the temp stack on screen 
where it can be seen it works, sort of. The trouble is, the composite of 
the 3 images and thus the temp stack are taller than the screen, so it 
clips the image.

Am I not able to place the temp stack off-screen on Windows? Am I 
missing something obvious, or not so obvious?


Best regards,
Marty Knapp
Knappster Solutions LLC

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