Heirarchy and where the mouseUp signal is detected.

Richmond richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Wed May 15 15:19:41 EDT 2013

The reasons for this are probably fairly basic.

I have a wee stack that contains a fld "FF" containing the text "dog",

and a button "Button" containing this script:

on mouseUp
    if fld "FF" contains "dog" then
       put "cat" into fld "FF"
       put "dog" into fld "FF"
       end if
end mouseUp

[sophisticated stuff it ain't]

and the single card contains this script:

on mouseUp
    if the textColor of fld "FF" is "green" then
    set the textColor of fld "FF" to "red"
    set the textColor of fld "FF" to "green"
    end if
end mouseUp

Now, split me, but I thought that if I clicked anywhere on the card the 
cardScript would fire, including on the button,

BUT, deuced inconvenient, clicking on the button only fires the 
buttonScript, and clicking anywhere on the card, outwith the button 
fires the cardScript.

and I was hoping that a buttonClick would fire both the cardScript and 
the buttonScript.

Does anybody know how to effect this?


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