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GIF's are slow in LiveCode and take up a lot of CPU power and each image will use memory (much more than the size of the actual GIF file). Since you're going to have to set the frames by script anyway, it will be much more efficient to use image objects. Save each GIF frame as an unanimated picture and import those pictures into your stack. Use buttons instead of image objects to create your snake and use the icon property to display the required picture in each button. Changing the ID numbers of the icon properties will make the snake appear animated.

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On 15 mei 2013, at 16:42, Bert Shuler wrote:

> I have a game board that is 20x20 with 400 images, each is 10px x 10px.
> As my character, a snake, navigates through, it grows.
> So on second 1, the snake is 1 cell in length, on second 2 it is 2 cells long, etc...
> I want to use an animated gif in each cell the snake occupies to show the snake moving.
> This issue is, I need all of the gifs synchronized, otherwise it looks funky at the cell borders.
> Is LC capable of this kind of synchronization?
> Is there a better way?

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