Message Box spurious messages

Graham Pearson gspearson at
Tue May 14 19:27:33 EDT 2013

I am getting the same type of thing each time I click on Launch
Documentation to learn about a command while I am self teaching myself
Livecode. It started for me when the RunRev went to Maintenance Mode at
the beginning of this week.

On 5/14/2013 7:18 PM, Cal Horner wrote:
> This Message Box message started appearing yesterday for no apparent reason:
> "Message execution error:
> Error description: Handler: can't find handler
> Hint: XXXXX The following server error was encountered:"
> Where XXXXX is the last item I typed into the message box. Then it's
> followed by approximately three printed pages of HTML!
> This happened with my copy of LC 5.5.4. In Win 7.
> Anyone know why this is happening? Or is just another problem that I have to work around?
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