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Ender Nafi Elekçioğlu endernafi at
Tue May 14 13:17:54 EDT 2013

Dan, you're right.  
I didn't notice the *iOS Player Control* thing, sorry.

Theoretically, setting the *useApplicationAudioSession* of the player should give the control to the programmer
via creating a sound channel for the playing movie.
{ }
But I played with it for a while and couldn't make it work, it doesn't have any effect.
Although, it seems that it deprecated in iOS 6, I don't know if this is the issue.

So, it seems that the only option is an ugly work-around  
to load a mute video into iOS Player and playing its sound via *mobilePlaySoundOnChannel*.
It's an ugly work-around, indeed.

However, using mergAV external and fiddling with its settings may help.
{ }
They're somewhat complicated, so I can't help there, sorry.


~ Ender Nafi

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