Field changes prompting save

Robert Brenstein rjb at
Tue May 14 10:27:25 EDT 2013

On 14.05.2013 at 7:14 Uhr -0700 Bert Shuler apparently wrote:
>I created a sub-stack with my fields, and I am using a sqlite db to 
>populate them.
>It has the standard "next record" and CRUD type buttons.
>When I close the substack via the X (windows form close), it prompts 
>me to save. 
>I want to do the saving to the DB, and the substack should not prompt to save.
>Any ideas on how to do this? Honestly, I did some searching in the 
>docs, but I am not sure which terms to search for.

One easy way would be to open your substack as modeless when calling 
it in your main stack. Look up modeless command in the docs.

Tip: code it so if holding the alt key down, this mode is not invoked 
and the stack opens as toplevel. This way, you can easily get to edit 
it, should there be a need.


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