Timed scripts without locking up functionality

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What everyone said, though I would:

wait 120 seconds with messages.

Anyway, you see that "wait" is blocking, and either standard way out of it will release control to the engine while you, er, wait.

The "send in time" method is more robust.

Craig Newman

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I am having a hard time researching a solution since most of the forums are
down :)  Here is my issue, hopefully somebody has the simple answer to my

I have a script that runs every two minutes and I have been calling it with:

on mouseUp
  wait for 120 seconds
end mouseUp

I then call a repeat script that keeps checking for the status and
repeating it until a condition is met.  Obviously when I do this it locks
up my software until the condition has been satisfied.

How can I do this without locking everything up?
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