[AN] iOS to Android issues...

Paul Maguire me at paulmaguire.me
Mon May 13 16:48:24 EDT 2013

(Android N00b)

Hello there.

The acronym says it all. I am trying to port my first iOS app to Android on MacOS and I'm a bit lost. I have the SDK set up and I can run various emulated Android hardware profiles (a bit sluggish on my MacBook but hey...). A few observations on first load:

1)	The graphics are missing. All my graphics are linked to from an included folder I have next to the main app. I have included them in the Standalone Application Settings (I also have a couple of fonts). All this works nicely when creating the bundle for iOS. But they just don't appear in Android - ulp. I take it I'm missing something here - do I need to import (embed) all the assets? That would be very annoying if so because I want to keep the codebase unified. I have done basic Android tests before and I embedded the media and it was fine. Is there any way to not to have to embed my media in Android?

2)	I use 'put's to the console in OSX for help in debugging in iOS. I can't see any appearing when I run the Android emulator. Is there an Android SDK console window somewhere where I can see my puts?

Can anyone help me out with some pointers?

Kind regards,		Paul.

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