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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sun May 12 19:52:51 EDT 2013

Alex Tweedly wrote:

> On 12/05/2013 23:16, Richard Gaskin wrote:
>> Worse, my aim here is to run all this in the most stringent of
>> environments:  a CGI, where the app must initialize, run, return a
>> result, and die, all in as small a fraction of a second as possible.
> (partly tongue-in-cheek)
> Why must it run in this environment ?  Why not run this as a local
> "back-end" service on your server - keep the process running, with the
> persistent data copied as an in-memory array, serve look-up requests
> from some private port and return the results, and then wait for next
> request.

What fun is that? :)

If I want to use a dedicated DB server I'd have my pick of hundreds of 
great off-the-shelf solutions, and I'd probably go with MongoDB if only 
because the syntax is fun.

But if I can get MongoDB-like features with MongoDB-like performance 
from a discrete CGI process that can run on any shared host - ah, that's 
something worth chewing on....

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