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Sun May 12 16:00:20 EDT 2013

This sounds very useful!  Keep us posted.

Scott Morrow

On May 12, 2013, at 6:04 AM, René Micout <rene.micout at> wrote:

> Hello Claudi,
> Great !!
> René
> Le 3 mai 2013 à 10:31, Claudi Cornaz <claudi.c at> a écrit :
>> Hi,
>> I am working on a tool, "stackally", which show's all handlers of a event in a tree view. 
>> A event means: everything that happens from the start of a message till the end of that message.
>> Well that's the most important feature of the tool, besides showing which handlers have changed between any 2 scans and naturally can store the different scans, a bit like a backup. You can permanently keep any scan and besides that, it will automatically keep the last x scans you made. (first in, first out)
>> I still need to do some work on it tough, besides incorporating the 2 new handler types, before and after. (these change the messagePath order as you might say, so I need to change that part of the code to adopt this so I can create the correct tree view.
>> I still have to think about the licensing. I spend a awfull long time on this and I certainly
>> need the money. One thing I will surely do is make a free reader available, which can display all scans, but you won't be able to scan a stack with the reader. 
>> I think the free reader might be a realy good help for people starting with livecode.
>> I guess they need documentation and good complete working samples. I know this has been talked a lot about before on this list, and I believe, now it is even more necesary so we can atract a lot of new people. People who are eager to start coding in this wonderfull world called livecode. 
>> So for instance a good, completly functioning notepad or simpletext app would be very usefull demo.
>> To learn the new text and paragraph features I started one which is almost done, at least for the mac, for now. This demo needs to be able to open and save text documents and of course it needs the splash screen aproach. It needs menus, preferences and all the new text and paragraph features fully working, 
>> including the setting of tabstops and margins in paragraphs. It needs all the works. This will surely be my
>> first demo with scan available with the stackAlly reader. It will make understanding this 'complex' demo, 
>> which has a lot of code, a lot easier. You don't need to go hunting through all the different scripts
>> to find the next routine that gets called. ((this also shows you the messagePath) It's all there, everything related is nicely viewable in a tree view, easy accesable. It's also very usefull to just look up how the menuPick message is handled for instance, or any other message that's used in this or other demo of course.
>> Anyway I hope to have some time to create the first 'finished' version soon.
>> If you are interested please drop me a line. And if enough people are interested, well it would
>> justify me spending some more time to finish stackAlly quickly.
>> All the best,
>>  Claudi
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