ID caching: how to test?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat May 11 14:50:07 EDT 2013

  J. Landman Gay wrote:
 > On 5/10/13 9:11 PM, Richard Gaskin wrote:
 >> The Release Notes for v6 include:
 >>    ID caching (6.0 DP 2)
 >>    New global property – allowDatagramBroadcasts (6.0 DP 2)
 >>    A new global property allowDatagramBroadcasts has been added. This
 >>    needs to be set to true before sending to a broadcast address
 >>    (enables the per-socket flag for whether they are allowed).
 >>    The engine now caches lookups of control references of the form
 >>    “card id ...” and “control id ...”.
 >>    This speeds up any access using those forms after the first time,
 >>    turning an operation that would be completed in linear time into
 >>    one that will be completed in constant time.
 >> I'm not clear on the syntax, so I've been unable to benchmark the
 >> performance boost.
 > I think the datagram stuff and the image caching are two different
 > things (if it's in the docs that way, it looks like a misplaced
 > heading to me.)

Indeed. Looks like a bug in the Mac Preview app.  In the PDF the first 
paragraph shown above appears below the other, and the app prevented me 
from selecting only one, so I copied both and when pasting here I 
checked only that the quoted ended with the portion about the ID caching.

 > The image caching just happens automatically. Benchmarking would
 > involve timing a procedure in 5.5.4 and then repeating it in 6.0.1 to
 > see the difference.

Right, but using what script?  Which references cache and which don't, 
and which operations should show the benefit of caching?

The sparse description has too little info for my feeble brain.

Any tips on how to test this, anyone?

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