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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat May 11 12:20:29 EDT 2013

Mike Bonner wrote:
 > MIT offers lots of open courseware stuff, one part of which
 > deals with skip lists.

Thanks, Mike.  Not exactly xTalk (we're such an under-served minority 
<g>), but very helpful.

Alejandro Tejada wrote:

 > Tell me if I am wrong, but this data structure could be really
 > useful in Data Compression and Artificial Intelligence applications.

In a certain sense, so many core algos wind up playing a role in AI if 
only by the breadth and diversity of the field.

Skip lists seem to be so fundamental as storage access mechanism that 
they're no doubt very useful for AI, along with more generic Big Data 
tasks and other fields where rapid traversal of ad hoc storage systems 
is essential.

My own interest is in fairly simple data mining tasks, so maybe it could 
be called "Artificial Brute Force Dumbness". :)

But with skip lists, at least I could do dumb things really quickly.

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