Best Practice for Storing Icon Images

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Thanks, Jacque and Richard!

On May 10, 2013, at 8:55 PM, J. Landman Gay <jacque at> wrote:

> On 5/10/13 7:47 PM, Roger Guay wrote:
>> Is there a best practice or recommendation for storing icon images?
>> Invisible on the same card? Off screen on the same card? Special
>> "storage" card? Or…
> I think it depends on the app or stack you're making. If I only have a few icon images, I usually just hide them on a card. If I have a lot and I want to keep them all in a central location in the same stack, I sometimes use an unplaced group. Substacks are a good option too, since you can always see what's in there without having to fiddle with invisible groups. If navigation isn't an issue and an extra card won't get in the way, I sometimes just put a resources card in the back of the stack somewhere. In my current project we're using a splash stack for the app and it loads a lot of other document stacks. Since all the "loose" stacks use the same icons, I'm storing them all in the splash.
> Memory usage will be the same regardless, so it mostly depends on how your stack structure works.
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