ID caching: how to test?

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Sat May 11 00:07:38 EDT 2013

On 5/10/13 9:11 PM, Richard Gaskin wrote:
> The Release Notes for v6 include:
>    ID caching (6.0 DP 2)
>    New global property – allowDatagramBroadcasts (6.0 DP 2)
>    A new global property allowDatagramBroadcasts has been added. This
>    needs to be set to true before sending to a broadcast address
>    (enables the per-socket flag for whether they are allowed).
>    The engine now caches lookups of control references of the form
>    “card id ...” and “control id ...”.
>    This speeds up any access using those forms after the first time,
>    turning an operation that would be completed in linear time into
>    one that will be completed in constant time.
> I'm not clear on the syntax, so I've been unable to benchmark the
> performance boost.

I think the datagram stuff and the image caching are two different 
things (if it's in the docs that way, it looks like a misplaced heading 
to me.) The image caching just happens automatically. Benchmarking would 
involve timing a procedure in 5.5.4 and then repeating it in 6.0.1 to 
see the difference.

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