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Not sure, but the dictionary says:

If using arbitrary custom property names, be aware that it won't be possible to access them by changing the customPropertySet if they clash with LiveCode language keywords. Instead, either use the array style notation above, or use a prefix to prevent name clashes (for example "uName" instead of "name").

Is this a possible collision?

Craig Newman

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I'm seeing an unexpected behavior when using the customProperty set of an

Here's the recipe.

1.Create a new stack and put a datagrid on it
2. Make a button with the following code:

   on mouseUp
      set the customPropertyset of group "Datagrid 1" to "dgProps"
      get the style of group "Datagrid 1"
   end mouseUp

3. Click the button.

You will get an error on the "get the style" line, "object does not have
this property".

Changing the "get" line to access any other custom property of dgProps
works fine.

If I change the "get the style" line to "get the dgProps["style"] of group
"Datagrid 1", all works as expected.

The dgProps set does have a "style" property but "style" is a built-in
property name too so it appears that LC does not observe the
customPropertyset setting if the property being accessed has the same name
as a built-in property.


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