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Francis Nugent Dixon effendi at wanadoo.fr
Fri May 10 07:23:51 EDT 2013

Hi from Beautiful Brittany,

Timothy Miller wrote :

> Jerry Garcia dies, wakes up in a vast featureless space.

Strange that he should touch upon a subject like that !

We recently finished writing a Musical Comedy called "Seven
Stars in Paradise", where 7 famous, but dead musicians
meet in Gabriel's Bar, and discover that Paradise is great
but that they would like to give a concert. So they ask
Gabriel if he can ask "the BOSS" for permission. Needless
to say the answer is "No", 'cos the boss doesn't want any
noisy Rock and Roll in Paradise. So the seven musicians
take "him" to court, and justify their plea by singing songs
about their trials and tribulations on earth, not at all Rock
and Roll. With John Lennon, George Harrison, Elvis Presley,
Ray Charles, Freddie Mercury, and invited guests such as
J.S. Bach and L. V. Beethoven, and even the devil himself,
they end up winning their case, and can have a jam session.
Of course, the Internet site containing the scenario and all
the songs is only open to American producers who may wish
to invest in our project, and we hope to sell it in the near future,
but the music business is in a decline, and prospects are bleak.
I personally would have loved to have Karen Carpenter in the
show, but we decided on an all male cast. The 25 songs in the
show are written to the style of all the singers, and the script
is full of laughs. Anybody interested in laying down a million
or two ($) is welcome to contact me. 

Of course, I could launch a KickStart !

OK, this is very much [OT}, but at least I mentioned LiveCode
once ………. :>)


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