Drag and Drop

Marty Knapp martyknappster at gmail.com
Thu May 9 21:21:41 EDT 2013

I use a transparent button that covers the area I want to be able to 
accept the drop. I use a dragEnter in the stack to show the button and 
then hide it after dropping or exiting. You can give the button a border 
as a visual indicator.

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Marty Knapp
Knappster Solutions LLC

> On 5/9/13 7:03 PM, Ray Horsley wrote:
>> At the end of the day I'm wondering if this should be reported as a
>> bug.  It seems like something is getting hooked in memory.  It's
>> weird that I can drag a file onto my Livecode stack (which is one
>> large image control with the drag handlers in it) and get nothing.
>> Then, simply continuing to drag off the stack window and right back
>> on it fixes it.
> I wonder if it is because you are dropping onto an image. Images don't 
> register mouse events unless you click (or presumably release) on an 
> opaque pixel. It may be that sometimes you're dropping onto a 
> transparent area and then nothing will happen.
> You could test the theory by putting a big button over the card and 
> seeing if the drop is reliable there, or by always consciously 
> dropping exactly on an opaque area.

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