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I edited just a bit. I hope you do not mind. I removed the part about numerous big fixes, as I thought this was unnecessary and might possibly raise an eyebrow or two about whether such things were an ongoing problem with the program.

Your writing, as far as the English goes, is just fine.

Colin and Mark deserve to be mentioned in the nascent Bibliography. Good call. I hope that list grows over time.

Craig Newman

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I just updated the LiveCode's entry in Wikipedia.

Only added this information:

LiveCode is currently in v. 6.0, which includes many enhancements and
multiple bug fixes for deployment in every OS platform, including iOS and


Holgate, Colin. LiveCode Mobile Development Beginner's Guide
Schonewille, Mark. Programming LiveCode for the Real Starter

Hopefully, a native english speaker and LiveCode programmer
will edit this Wikipedia entry to "flesh out" the sections.
After that, I want to translate the page to spanish. :)


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