[Topic][Dumbfounded] Is there a way to resize and move a group without touching the inside objects

Thomas McGrath III mcgrath3 at mac.com
Thu May 9 15:23:29 EDT 2013

Is there a way to resize and move a scrolling group without touching the inside contents of that group??? This is on mobile and I need to resize a scrolling group based on the position of the UI (navbar and toolbar when in portrait and landscape) when the UI changes and then after the scrolling group is right I then need to separately resize the contents for retina if needed -- to double their height, width and topleft -- or regular.

If I resize the group first then it moves the content and then doubling the content makes it the right size but positioned wrong.
If I resize the content and then move the group then it again correctly sizes the contents but positions them wrong.

If the group moves then everything is in a different position from when I laid them out in the desktop so they are off.

I want the scrolling group code to be separate from the resizing code if possible.



-- Tom McGrath III
mcgrath3 at mac.com

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