FmPro Migrator - how well does it work?

Chris Sheffield cmsheffield at
Thu May 9 11:31:57 EDT 2013

I'm trying to find out more about this application that's available in the RunRev store. Has anybody used it? Does it work well?

I am *really* wanting to convert my company's current FileMaker database to a LiveCode application using MySQL as the database. The current FileMaker implementation is many years old, having been converted over and over again for each new version of FM. It has become extremely unwieldy and very difficult to maintain over the years. Trying to fix bugs or add new functionality is next to impossible. Part of this is my lack of knowledge when it comes to FileMaker scripting, which is pretty ugly I might add (sorry if I'm being offensive to any FileMaker devs out there).

Anyway, just wondering if anyone has done something like this and if there are any major concerns to be aware of. The current database is quite large, and I worry about getting everything converted just right and getting all data imported into MySQL. It's our company's contact management system, tracking contacts, orders, invoices, etc., so it's pretty important. Would it be better to just start a new LiveCode application from scratch, and skip trying to convert it using a tool such as this?


Chris Sheffield
Read Naturally, Inc.

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