[OT - I remembered this time]: here we go

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My brother plays bass. Thanks all for the ammunition. I've had to listen to
his accordion jokes since forever. 

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That bagpipe one has been on the net for years :)

This three piece rock band were very keen to do well at their gig because
they'd heard a big record producer was in the audience. If he liked them
they'd be sure to become the next big thing.

During the first song the lead guitarist was strumming up a storm. In his
mind all he could think about was the fast cars, private jets and luxury
hotel rooms that he was sure were in his future. The drummer played like a
demon. All he could think about was the girls, the drugs and the private zoo
he was going to build. The bass player hung back in the shadows (as bass
players tend to do) thumping out a deep rhythm. All he could think about was
A, D, F, G...A, D, F, G...A, D, F, G...

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