DataGrid Selection Question

Magicgate Software - Skip Kimpel skip at
Wed May 8 18:14:16 EDT 2013

I have a datagrid that when I double click on a line, it puts that line of
data into a text field.  I need to expand this and allow the user to select
multiple line, right click and do the same thing...

Here is what I am using for the doubleclick code:
on mouseDoubleUp
   get the dgHilitedIndex of control "InOutData"

   put the dgDataOfIndex[it]of control "InOutData" into tLineData
   put tLineData["Name"] into myName
   put tLineData["Status"] into myStatus
   put tLineData["Date"] into myDate
   put tLineData["Time"] into myTime
   put tLineData["Note"] into myNote

   put myName&myStatus&TAB&myDate&TAB&myTime&TAB&myNote into myCompiledLine

   if field "FieldExport" = EMPTY then
      put myCompiledLine into field "FieldExport"
      put cr & myCompiledLine after fld "FieldExport"
   end if
     set the vScroll of field "FieldExport" to the formattedHeight of field
end mouseDoubleUp

How would I handle this for a selection as I described above?


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