Data Grid Question

Mike Bonner bonnmike at
Wed May 8 15:58:41 EDT 2013

It sounds almost as if the datagrid substack has been removed. (the
substack is added when you place a datagrid into your stack)  the datagrid
isn't functional without that substack.

Is it there in the app browser?

I also wonder if messages are locked or.. well not sure.  If you start with
a fresh new stack, drop a datagrid on it, and add data to the grid (even
manually through the inspector) does it show?  If you set the dgtext does
it work?  Are you having issues with every single stack that you use with a
datagrid or just that stack?

You might try adding a new empty datagrid to your stack, then delete it and
when it asks if you want to delete the template stack, say no.  Then test
your other stack and see if it starts working.

As for reloading LC, hard to say the best method without knowing OS.  If
its windows, you can probably uninstall it through the control panel.
 Linux, not sure. Mac not sure because i've never really had a problem that
required a software removal.

While at it, what version of lc are you on?  If 6.0 community,
i'd definitely grab the upgrade, it fixes a few issues.

If you want to have your non-working stack looked at you're welcome to send
it my way.

Oh, just recalled one more thing. It might not hurt to remove the
preferences file for LC, but I forget where they reside so you might need
to dig around to locate.  (appdata folder or somewhere therabout)

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