Array Looping to Insert into Database

Peter Haworth pete at
Wed May 8 12:01:33 EDT 2013

Can't help with the XML stuff but it doesn't seem to difficult to use the

put the keys of gAvailableMarketDataArray[AvailableMarkets] into tKeys
sort tKeys -- if you care
repeat for each line L in tKeys
   <do stuff with gAvailableMarketDataArray[AvailableMarkets] [L]>
end repeat

If you're inserting/updating stuff into an sqlite database, don;t forget to
issue a BEGIN before the repeat loop, a COMMIT after the repeat loop, and
ROLLBACK if any errors occur within the repeat loop.  Everything will work
much faster that way.

lcSQL Software <>

On Wed, May 8, 2013 at 6:38 AM, Graham Pearson <gspearson at> wrote:

> Array Experts
> In my application that I am converting from Adobe Air, I have come to a
> section where Google has let me down. I have converted my XML File to an
> Array and can see it within the Debugger and parts of the array is
> listed below.
> gAvailableMarketDataArray
>     AvailableMarkets
>         Market[1]
>             BTALatitude   27-29-40.1-N
>             BTALongitude  81-24-59.3-W
>             CallSign      WNC905
>             City          Sebring
>             State         FL
>             @attributes
>               ID          1
>        Market[2] etc.
> The application pulls the XML File from a Web Service that generates it
> on the fly. The application on first run checks to make sure the
> database exists and records are within it. At this point no records are
> retrieved from the database so I am struggling with how to take this
> array and insert each record of the array into the database.
> Or is their a command/function that I can use after
> put revCreateXMLTree(gClientAvailableMarketsXMLData, false, true, false)
> into tAvailableMarketData
> that will give me just the Market part of the XML data so then I can
> create the array which will simply list the Market[1] directly under the
> gAvailableMarketDataArray which will make it easier to insert the array
> into the sqlite database.
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