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I am not sure what you mean. My two scripts were intended to be examples of how LC evaluates different types of elements within its own structure.

You can:

put foo into the clickLine --and insert foo into a line in a field

You cannot:

get the clickLine

put whatever into it  -- and expect that foo will be inserted into a line in a field

The foo will go into the variable it, not into the evaluated contents of it, which is a string containing a "valid" clickLine reference.

So you have to use a "do" construction.

I was making the point that LC (and HC before it) were so forgiving of syntax that if you could mentally parse a string into a valid LC statement, the engine ought to "read your mind" as Jacque said. That mental parsing is a stretch for the engine, though, and I understand why.


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> But there are times when "do" is unavoidable, and also times when it is
> invaluable.

For example, in a locked field with some lines of text in it:
> on mouseup
>    put random(99) & return  into the clickLine --Works fine. Direct,
> immediate use of the function
> end mouseup
> on mouseup
>    get the clickLine  --puts some "distance" between the clickLine as a
> function and as a string in a variable.
>    --  put random(99) into it  --does not work, though it seems like it
> should
>    do "put" && random(99) &&  "into" &&  it  --works
> end mouseup
> Craig

coming a bit late, but the do can be avoided in this case:

   get random(99)

will put the result in the IT var.



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