OT: learning objects

David Bovill david at scimatch.org
Wed May 8 08:57:01 EDT 2013

I'm structuring an online course, or rather apprenticeship, for a social
enterprise targeting young people learning to code mobile apps, and looking
for some advice, or contacts with other people interested in this area.

The basic idea is now that LiveCode is open source to create an advanced
online course which embeds a number of collaborative technologies,
structured around the idea of peer learning, based around "learning

By peer learning I mean students have to pass on the learning they get to
other students if they want to be able to take the next course. And by learning
object <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Learning_object> I mean a stack :) Or
perhaps a little more concretely, a stack based learning object are:

   - Learning objects are a new way of thinking about learning content.
   Traditionally, content comes in a several hour chunk. Learning objects are
   much smaller units of learning, typically ranging from 2 minutes to 15
   - Are self-contained – each learning object can be taken independently
   - Are reusable – a single learning object may be used in multiple
   contexts for multiple purposes
   - Can be aggregated – learning objects can be grouped into larger
   collections of content, including traditional course structures
   - Are tagged with metadata – every learning object has descriptive
   information allowing it to be easily found by a search

Anyone have any thoughts or ideas in this area?

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