suspend/resume messages on Android?

Mark Wilcox m_p_wilcox at
Wed May 8 05:12:54 EDT 2013

Terry Judd <terry.judd at> wrote:


>> I'm guessing the OS probably doesn't notify the app that it's suspended.

> Maybe not. I think you can potentially get a list of active processes and determine which one is active. If we could poll that list using an external - if we ever get externals for Android - then we could build our own suspend and resume routine.

I know the RunRev team are awesome but I'm a little perplexed anyone would assume that the Android app lifecycle model is completely broken rather than there's simply a bug/missing feature in LiveCode.

Android does indeed send apps (actually Activities) messages about pause/resume and losing/gaining focus.  I had a quick look in the code and as far as I could tell most of the relevant messages get passed from Java through to native code and then simply logged.

As I understand it, LiveCode iOS apps only officially support exiting on suspend.  What do you think should happen instead on Android?


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