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On 5/7/13 7:06 PM, dunbarx at wrote:

> When I first started with LC, one of the first things I tried was to
> see if something like the first construction above processed  "like
> it should". I think I tested "the foundField". I was astonished that
> it did not. Is there is something deeply ingrained in the way this
> type (all types?) of parsers work that it can not do this?

I'm not sure how any parser could tell if you meant the variable to be a 
container or the value that's in it. "Get the clickline" is just a 
shortcut for "put the clickline into it". So you have:

   put the clickline into it
   put random(99) into it

which is functionally the same as:

   put "abc" into it
   put "def" into it

What we really need is a mind-reading processor. I could have used that 

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