suspend/resume messages on Android?

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Tue May 7 22:46:14 EDT 2013

On 5/7/13 8:29 PM, Terry Judd wrote:
> Hi Jacque (or anyone else?) - I may have misunderstood but I'm not
> getting any messages sent when an app is 'suspended' and 'resumed' on
> Android (4.2.2). No shutdown message on 'suspend' and no opencard
> message on 'resume'. Does the shutdown message only get sent when the
> app 'quits' (when imposed by the OS or the user)?
> Looks like I may have to resort to using timers and activity
> monitoring ;(

That's too bad. I do know you can trap the backKey message but for some 
reason we don't get a homeKey message.

I used to worry about it, but after running a lot of Android apps I've 
noticed that most of them just pick up where they left off if they are 
still in memory, or else they start over again if they aren't. It must 
be a common problem. But that doesn't help you much if you need to do 
processing no matter how the user leaves.

I'm guessing the OS probably doesn't notify the app that it's suspended.

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