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On 5/7/13 8:04 PM, Dr. Hawkins wrote:
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>> I have a primer on pronoun usage. :)
>> <>
> Whoops!
> My apologies.

Not at all. This is nothing compared to what Jan Schenkel goes through. :)

> I recently had to file a motion in bankruptcy court over a computer
> that had "Francis" rather than "Frances" . . . a couple of years into
> the case, the clerk started objecting to filings for getting her name
> correct.
> "Counsel, I'll grant your order, but good luck on getting the computer
> to accept it . . .:

:) I understand completely. Comcast thinks my name is Landmangay. It's 
amusing to hear their telemarketers try to pronounce it. The reason it's 
that way in the database is because they can't put a space into the 
last_name field and they only get two fields.

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