Peter Haworth pete at
Tue May 7 14:09:29 EDT 2013

Struggling a little with the correct use of the clickline.

It returns something like "line 3 of field 1" so I would have expected that
something like "put the clickline into tLine" would get me the contents of
line 3 of field 1, but it gets me "line 3 of field 1".

Is there a way to use the full contents of the clickline?  Right now, I'm
doing "put line (word 2 of the clickline) of field (word 4 of the
clickline) into tLine", but that seems unnecessarily longwinded. I guess I
could use "do" and piece together a command but that doesn't seem like a
good solution either.

Got a related issue with the clickCharChunk.  It gets me the overall
character number within a field; what I need is the character position
within the line of the field.  I know there are some indexxxx functions
from 5.5 onward but how did people figure this out prior to 5.5?

lcSQL Software <>

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