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Man, the minute you go off on a debugging tour of the past, everybody 
starts talking about you. How do they know?

> Where and when is Jacques time travel external located?

It is currently in Alpha. Alpha Centari. I had a little slip-up.

> Very good question. Where IS this time travel external? I have some great
> ideas for it.

It isn't an external, sorry. Since there is nothing else quite like it, 
it must stand alone.

> Jacque has a time *warp* stack, not a time *travel* external.
> Note that time travel itself would create paradoxes and is therefore
> impossible, but that the time warp stack has allowed (or will have
> allowed some time in the future past) time travel to be possible.

Thanks for this, I keep trying to get that across. The warp is be-weft 
right now but I'm working on it. The paradoxes are something of a 
problem at present. I mean, at past. That is, they will be a problem.

> I wonder how the patent office could sort out who invented or registered the
> time warp/travel external first.
> If time travel is possible in the future it has already been invented.

This is an astute observation. I registered the patent a few years from 
now but the details got tangled up. Apparently they don't believe I have 
such a thing, even though I was (briefly) able to pop into their offices 
without going through the door. Instead, they fired the security guard.

> An ill behaved app went back and removed it before it was invented,
> obliterating the inventor from history.

I beg your pardon, rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated. Or they 
will be. Of course, there's always the possibility I skimmed over that 
event. I did end up in the Jurassic once, but that's not really 
obliteration, it's more like pre-cognition with physicality.

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