Can someone explain scroll view to newb

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Not sure what you are asking, but try this in a blank card:

Put a bunch of buttons all over the card. Group them all. Give that group scrollbars.

Now, with the pointer tool, select the group, and make the group much smaller by dragging, say, the bottom right handle up and to the left. Now select the browse tool, and scroll around the group, showing the various buttons that were cut off when you resized.

Is this what you were getting at?

Craig Newman

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Subject: Can someone explain scroll view to newb

I have a card with many labels, text fields and radio buttons.  In order
for this to be seen and eventually printed I'd like to be able to have
users scroll and answer the questions.

I've tried the scroll field, and adding a group but can't get it working.

Can someone explain scroll view and how I'd go about accomplishing the
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