[ANN] simple publisher/subscriber library for LiveCode

Mark Wieder mwieder at ahsoftware.net
Mon May 6 15:41:29 EDT 2013

Alex Tweedly <alex at ...> writes:

> One thing Mark could do is tell us whether and where he makes his 
> version of pub/sub available, and what license it is/was issued under.

Er... it used to be on revOnline. I can't check at the moment, but I'll take
a look later on. And it's just public domain - do what you want. Or use
Andre's version - I'll have to check that out as well. Keep in mind that I
started mine some seven or eight years ago, and I don't remember whether I
updated the "send" commands to "dispatch" somewhere along the way or not.

 Mark Wieder
 mwieder at ahsoftware.net

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