Cheapjack development for Windows

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Mon May 6 13:55:18 EDT 2013

On 05/06/2013 04:40 AM, Peter M. Brigham wrote:
> On May 3, 2013, at 4:36 PM, J. Landman Gay wrote:
>> Richmond, cheer up, or as Monte Python says, we'll hang you by the neck until you do.
> Company-Wide Notice:
>      The floggings will continue until morale improves.

Well, I don't know about anybody else, but my morale HAS improved a fair 
bit (although I do not take back those postings involving the word 
'daft' as they were not rude, just direct) owing to 3 things:

1. Sorted my computer out :)

2. Have a 5 day weekend away in our country villa with my wife, my cat 
and a pile of books, and
NO computer.

3. "eventually you will come to appreciate his brand of twisty thoughts: 
did me no end of good!

So; be warned, I'm back: bigger, 'ruder' (and RUDER) and more 
Livecodingy (err . . . dubious adjective there) than ever.


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