[OT] Security for stacks with Community version

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Mon May 6 10:56:43 EDT 2013

Andrew Kluthe wrote:
> Was it not mentioned long ago that a password protected stack's script and
> custom properties could be accessed in memory while it is running in a
> stand alone? So your data was probably never as secure as you really
> thought it was.

I believe RunRev engineers are exploring options for that, but really 
the issue affects all applications at some level or another:

Those with the skills and interest to use low-level debugging tools can 
apply them to using disassemblers on core dumps to learn the algorithms 
of any process.

True, LiveCode is more easily readable, but given the sorts of things 
it's used for it's also less interesting.

The rule of protecting media also applies to algorithms:  the only sure 
way to protect them is to never distribute them.

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