LiveCode Beginner Question

Apps Foundry appsfoundry67 at
Mon May 6 10:44:02 EDT 2013

Oddly enough I was bit by something very similar last week: I was putting
together a small demo for a new convert to LiveCode, and was hurrying and
distracted, running late for an LC tutorial with him.

I stupidly typed something like:

put "label-string: " and someVar after field "foo"

instead of

put "label-string: " & someVar after field "foo"

and was getting a mysterious "false" popping up in the message box. After
binary-searching my way through the code with debugging prints for an
annoyingly-long time, I finally spotted the error.

Still had to scratch my head a bit to figure out how THAT mistake cause
THAT message to pop up in the mbox, until I realized that the parser must
have AND'd "label-string:" with "someVar after field "foo"" and decided
somehow that it evaluated to false. Then, having sucked up the whole rest
of the statement in the AND evaluation, it had nowhere to PUT the result
but the massage box...

Of course I said to myself afterward "Boy, how likely is it I'll ever see
THAT screwup again". Shawn's problem sounds suspiciously similar.

I will leave the appropriate regex to find this kind of thing to people
with brains that are more grep-like than mine is these days...


ps: But many thanks to Jacque, et al for pointing out the target icon in LC
6.0.x. Now if we could just get the intersect/opaque-pixels bug fixed, I
could start using the Community Edition in my "iPad game programming for
8-12 year olds" classes!

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